Fanø is a Danish island in the North Sea off the coast of southwestern Denmark, and is the very northernmost of the Danish Wadden Sea Islands. Fanø municipality is the municipality that covers the island and its seat is the town of Nordby.

How is this starter kit made?

Congratulations on getting up and running with Umbraco and the “Fanoe” starter kit. The idea with this starter kit is to let you explore some of the simple things Umbraco can do for a typical content powered website using “The Grid” feature.

To get the most out of this starter kit and get started on the right foot, make sure to watch the “Grid” tutorial on Umbraco.TV which will take you through how the entire starter kit was made. From implementing the HTML mockups in Umbraco and using the powerful features in the Grid to give maximum freedom and flexibility for editors - without compromising the design.

While walking around on Fanø, you will notice that almost all traditional houses have a little window above the front door with a model boat. This is a very traditional good luck charm for the men away at sea. The economy of the island was almost entirely based on fishing and every family home has the model boat to ensure the safe return of sailors